A side trip…

I was lucky enough to be able to take a fairly big trip this year while planning for our Australia Trip. Through the generosity of my folks and the help of my darling husband and in-laws, I took a trip to Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Dubai with a friend.What a trip of a life time. Cath, my friend of nearly 20 years asked if I wanted to go to Iceland. Of course I said yes, and then I asked Craig. It gave me a great distraction for work and our Australian Trip.

We had a whirlwind tour of Stockholm and Sweden with the family Cath worked with. It was awesome to have such great company to see the sights with. Big thanks to Clara, Ellen, Sebastian, Itte and Philip.

Then on to Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Iceland is something else, it is modern with its geothermal technologies and tourism but so quaint with its little family hotels and friendly people. But the landscape is what makes this place stand out. Around every turn in the road is another ‘OH WOW’ scene, whether it is another waterfall, a massive glacier, a lava field, black beaches, thermal pools, treeless hills, rugged seascapes and actual volcanos. I think between the Cath and I we took over 3000 photos and that was with a slight accident to Cath’s camera.

Best part – Hard to say but I did lose my mind at seeing icebergs on a black beach and floating out to sea. I also loved the snorkelling in the Shilfra Rift, a 40 min dive in crystal clear 2 degree glacial water. Oh my the blues and greens were nothing like I have ever seen. We also played with a humpback whale!

Worst part – Missing the middle of the island around the Lake Myvatn area. The weather was foul and we were tired from the hard driving and therefore we probably missed some great sights. Oh Well there is always next time.

After an amazing time in Iceland we headed off to Denmark and spent a couple of days in Copenhagen. Palaces, canals, food and bicycles. Actually bikes were everywhere. In fact we saw the most glamourous woman riding her bike along a canal. Not a hair out of place, even her dress sat beautifully as she rode. I’d never look like that, but one can aspire to it.

Dubai was next on the radar. We checked into the 24 floor of our little hotel to find that we were given a huge one bedroom apartment, but grateful given that we arrived at 1:30 am. The next morning we headed off to the gold and spice souks. While I normally love these types of markets, I found this one to be more staged and the operators more aggressive. We travelled on the old and new public transport and found ourselves, like everyone else, at the Dubai Mall. To top off the trip was the desert safari, with a 4wd trip, dinner and a show, partaking in a shisha and having a henna design on my hand.

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