The packing up

So the packing begins. If anyone has done this before, you know that it is a balance between packing the things that you never use and then finding that you needed them after all.

 So this is how I thought I’d pack the house up, while we are still living in it.

1. Non-essentials. This was all the bric-a-brac and memorabilia. Things like the stuff that sits randomly on a shelf, that you know that you have to keep but once it’s packed you don’t miss it. I also included much of the kids drawings and stuff they had made at school and day care. Important but not necessary for everyday life.

2. Pictures and glassware – This is the fancy glassware not the day to day drinking glasses. It’s amazing how many different types of wine, beer and spirit glasses that you can accumulate over the years. I do have to say the house loses some of its personality when the family photos and the paintings are taken off the shelves and off the walls. It’s a bit sad but again they are not a necessary everyday thing.

3. Shed stuff – Shed stuff, while it is Craig’s domain, I still get to have some say in what is packed early and want we need to hang on to. I didn’t win the argument to pack away all (3) of his bikes.

4. Outside stuff – Coming into summer this is a bit of a balancing thing. We wanted to pack up the outdoor setting, but then where are we going to sit and eat of a warm summers evening or sit and take stock of our little domain with beer in hand.

5. Non-essential shoes and clothing

6. Peripheral kitchen stuff

While packing this stuff I was pulling out the things that could sell off. You know, those things that you have, never use, but are in a cupboard under a bed or in the shed anyway. I plan on having a garage sale to get rid of these things and to raise a little extra cash. 

The best bit about this pack up has been the ‘permission’ to go and declutter as only Capricorns know how to do!

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