Packing, moving and realisation

The boxes are packed, the cupboards are clean, and the furniture has been moved and the house is rented.

We are now one and a half weeks out of our home and I thought not having stuff would be a little simpler. And it actually is, until I saw the shed where all our household stuff is being stored. Oh my that is sooooo much stuff. I have lived for over a week and not thought about it at all, now I can see how much stuff we own and it is daunting. Actually made me a little teary. I’m concerned with the amount of things that we own, I’m concerned that we have placed too much pressure on the in-laws storing our stuff at their place. It is definitely an up and down process.

It is amazing how much needs to be done to spend any significant time away from your normal lives, whether it’s a big lap like ours or a posting overseas. Every day it is another job that needs to be completed. Monday – book the carpet cleaning, Tuesday – get more packing tape and buy ceiling light shades, Wednesday – move the washing machine to parents house, Thursday – pull apart beds, Friday – pack the moving trailers. On top of this we are still at work, still taking the kids to school and still living at home. And just to add on the extra activities it’s the end of the year and there are Christmas parties, end of school concerts, end of school picnics and everything else that comes with finishing school for the kids.

I’m finding myself second guessing everything. Do I need to pack this or will we need it on the trip which means it has to go into a different box. Should I buy an inflatable stand-up paddle board, will it be too heavy?

My advice to those that are thinking or even planning a big trip is that it all about planning in advance and being prepared that the final few months before you leave will be CRAZY busy.

I think the first stop for us when we finally drive out the driveway is to travel no less than two to three hours, find a spot on the Murray and chill out for a few days!!!!

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