How to pack clothes???

When you pack for a two week holiday, it’s pretty easy. When you pack for 12 months with VERY limited space, not so easy…

So I thought I’d try packing my clothes today…and failed. I can’t fit the clothes I’d thought I’d take in my drawer.

Take two…

This is my list:

  • 2x dresses
  • 1x skirt
  • 1x skort (skirt and shorts combined)
  • 3x shorts
  • 2x trackie dacks
  • 1x jeans
  • 1x cargo pants
  • 4x t-shirts
  • 4x shirts
  • 2x PJ’s
  • 3x bras
  • 10x undies
  • 8x pairs socks (including sports and warm ones)
  • 1x rashie top
  • 1x board shorts
  • 1x bathers
  • 1x sarong/scarf
  • 1x beanie
  • 1x pr gloves
  • 1x flannie Pj bottoms
  • 2x full set of thermals
  • 1x belt
  • 1x pr Redback boots
  • 1x Keen sandals
  • 1x pr thongs
  • 1x pr Scarpa hiking shoes
  • 1x Mountain Design Gore-Tex jacket
  • 1x Windstopper Vest
  • 1x Fleece jacket
  • 1x leisure wear jumper
  • 1x sleeveless top.



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