Week 2 – How to survive the heat

After our first week of some pretty good weather things started to heat up with the weather forecast for a string of very high 30 degree days coupled with another set of mid 40 degree days. We decided spent the first few days of high 30 degrees at Caravan Park at Mildura with the only pre-requisite’s being a pool and shade. We managed to get this and things were looking up, so we spend the next few days cooling off in the pool and trying to see as much as we could in the heat.  Which I think we did pretty well, the kids and Vanessa’s highlight was Woodsies Gem Shop, where we met the original Woodsie and got a personalised tour of his rock and gem collection and the kids got some free samples. My favourite was the paddle steamer tour through the locks and down the river. Although I reckon Orange World would have been a hoot.

Our next destination was across the SA/Vic border to Renmark, where we needed to ride out the hottest days of the heat wave. Once again, a pool and shade were the order of the day. After spending a small fortune for two nights at the Big 4, we settled into the pool and water park and some sightseeing from the air conditioned comfort of the Ranger. We also managed to get some wine, spirit and beer tasting in. The nights were very still and very hot, however, the camper was ok with the little 12 volt fans running.


After getting through the heat, we decided that it was time for a free camp and we headed for Cadell on the Murray River, but not before having a refreshing beer at the Overland Corner Hotel which was built in 1859 and first licenced in 1860. We reached Cadell after a lunch stop at Morgan where we watched wakeboarders compete in a South Australian Championship of some description. We were hoping that all the wakeboarders in the area were here at the comp, but alas, it looked like all the locals were at the free camp we had planned to stay and there was no room for us. So a quick change of plans saw us set up in Burra for 2 nights.

Burra is an amazing little town steeped in history and a so much to see and explore. I even managed to get to the now named Midnight Oil House just out of town, which would have to be one of the most photographed ruin in Australia.



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