Week 5 – The Eyre Peninsula – New Friends and ‘Free Camps’

Sunday mornings aren’t exactly a busy time in down town Port Augusta. After a quick visit to the visitor information centre and dropping a pretty penny on some new hats for the kids we were on the road again heading for steel town of Whyalla. The first stop was the Visitor information centre to get an idea of where we could stay – and we ran into Four Hands in a Tin Can again, which was a great surprise.


We wanted to have a few cheap nights here so we went looking for the cheap or free camps near Point Lowly and Fitzgerald Bay. When we got out there it was blowing an absolute gale and the council free camps were very exposed and not ideal for our camper. We continued to look for a sheltered camp along the foreshore or Fitzgerald Bay, these seemed to be the pick of the camps as they were all nearly taken. The ones that weren’t were very exposed or littered with broken glass. We finally found a site that was protected and flat enough for the camper, ripper. As we opened the car doors we were smacked fully in the face with the ripe smell of a rotting kangaroo, so that excluded this camp and also gave an idea why no one was in it already. So off to the caravan park it was.

DSC_6796 (1)


We managed to do a fair bit of the sight seeing in Whyalla on our first afternoon and settled in at the caravan park for a pretty windy evening. We took a tour of the HMAS Whyalla with the guys for Four Hand in a Tin Can, where we think Campbell might have got his first crush, lol. Campbell decided that he was going to do the whole tour holding Mia’s hand and following her like a puppy.


We considered ourselves pretty lucky at the Whyalla Marina as we were able to get up close with a pod of Dolphins with some babies and Vanessa was able to pat one on the head. It was a great experience.

From Whyalla, we set off for a cheap camp at Port Gibbon and we finally managed to get a spot, although a little windy. Here we met another travelling family, Lifeinacaravan, and hit it off pretty well with Murray, Zoe, Lucas and Hamish. We spent the afternoon swimming at the beach and having a few beers and hatched a plan to go into Cowell the next evening to make the most of the cheap spit night at the pub. Murray and I headed off early the next morning to launch his boat and see if we could catch some fish. No fish were harmed in this journey but we fed quite a few.



The spit night at the pub was a very enjoyable, maybe with one or two many beers had, but it was a great night either way. When we got back to camp we had a new set of neighbours, Liz, Johno, Molly and Scarlet, who like most of the families we are meeting are doing the same thing as us.

Our next stop was Lispon Cove, a lovely bush camp with a great beach and a bird rookery. We had quite a crew camped here with four families sharing the large campsite, we even managed a campfire and some toasted marshmallows.



This week seemed to be more of a social affair than a touring or sightseeing trip, which was nice. All the kids got along great, which gave all of the parents some breathing space.

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