Week 6 – Port Lincoln, Hangovers, White Beaches and a Bloody big Rock


We departed Lipson Cove for Port Lincoln with new friendships, a taste for spiced rum and a need for a hot shower. Pulling into the Port Lincoln Caravan Park was great, a nice early finish for the day after only driving for an hour and a half or so. Port Lincoln was much bigger and much more like a big city than anything we had seen for a while. After setting up, it was time to head down the street to collect some mail and see what was on offer – only to run into a very familiar Prado and Cub Camper. Mac’s Tracks had arrived in town at the same time as us and were heading to the same Caravan Park as us. It was also very fortuitous that the local brewery had a 2 hour happy hour on that day – Pints at Schooner prices, gotta love that.

Port Lincoln provided us with a place to stock up on some things we were missing and Bunnings was a welcome sight. Ness and I both had some time to look around the town alone and Lily and I caught up on some schoolwork.

On our last night at Port Lincoln, Ness and I celebrated our 11th Wedding anniversary and it was decided that we would have a small party. After cooking 11 pizza’s on the BBQ’s, drinking a few beers and maybe having a little to much gin, we packed up slowly the next day and headed for Memory Cove in Lincoln National Park.



We had been looking forward to Memory Cove since hearing about it and seeing the amazing photos and we weren’t disappointed. The track in was rough but doable with the camper on. The 19km’s in took us about an hour and half and with a hangover firmly pounding in my head it was a bit of a task. When we pulled into the campground it looked amazing, although someone was still camped in our site. This was quickly sorted out and we were set up in an amazing site with our own path down to the Beach, which was only about 25m from our doorstep.


Our three nights at Memory Cove was filled with swimming, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing and sight seeing. This part of the Eyre Peninsula should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is amazeballs.


Unfortunately our time in Memory Cove came to an end and we needed to head north up the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula to meet up with Mac’s Tracks and start the planning for crossing the Nullabor. We did a relatively long days drive to Elliston, unfortunately missing Coffin Bay and a few of the sights along the way – but we know we will be back. From Elliston we visited Talia caves site and did the cliff top drive, stopped in at Venus Bay for a swim and then headed for Pildappa Rock.


Pildappa Rock was a sight to behold, apparently a very similar formation to Wave Rock in WA, except this one was less visited. We found a great campsite at the base of the rock and spent the afternoon wandering around with the kids and climbing to the summit of the formation. Dinnertime was a bit of eye opener for us as it was our first taste of swarms of flies since we started the trip. Eating freshly cook prawns in a rural/outback setting is great if the flies don’t fly away with the prawn first.


After the flies went to bed and the kids stopped annoying us, whoops, after the kids went to bed and the flies stopped annoying us, we all had a lovely evening with a couple of beers and a beautiful starry night sky with shooting stars and all. However, I seemed to miss most of them.


The next morning we got up to purposely see our first sunrise of the trip (we have seen sunrises, we just haven’t purposely got up for the them) from the top of the rock. It was a really special moment.


From Pildappa Rock we stopped in on Murpheys Haystacks and then we were booked in at the Islands Caravan Park at Streaky Bay for two nights. Streaky Bay is a beautiful little town and we will be back for sure, we just didn’t have the time to do everything. The Streaky Bay Hotel put on a great meal and half price pints at happy hour was a welcome treat. We did manage to fit in some snorkelling at Smooth Pool, which was just beautiful.


Our next stretch is the Nullabor, which we are doing with Mac’s Tracks to keep us company.

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