Week 9 – Two months in… or thereabouts

On our way to the big smoke of Albany, well that’s what it felt like as we drove in to the town. It was the first biggish town we had been too since Mildura, nearly 2 months ago. Ohh the shopping activities we had planned, but first stop was a family haircut – Vanessa politely declined – which was probably a great idea as the Albany version of Just Cuts would not have been the best place for her, considering I wasn’t real impressed with my short back and sides.

We had a jam-packed agenda for Albany, there is so much to do. Our first tourist attraction after the family hair-cut was the supposed best fish and chips in WA. It was good, but it was no boat shed at Batemans Bay. But the feed was so huge that we didn’t need dinner that night after a late lunch. Our first day in Albany saw us heading out to Two Peoples Bay National Park to Little beach and a lovely little 4WD track to the look out over Black Rock and Nanarup Beach. Little Beach has been rated as one of the best beaches in Australia, we can understand this, but it was raining on the day so we didn’t get to experience it in full glory. On the way back to town we stopped at the old marron farm for a feed of Marron and Yabbies and a trundle through the petting zoo and aviaries. The kids loved this, and to be honest it was pretty nice to cuddle up with some small bunnies – I am sure they would have been delicious. Our afternoon consisted of a little bit of shopping and a trip to the Sandalwood Factory, which hasn’t changed since we were there 10 years ago.


Our second day was just as busy, with Vanessa and Campbell heading to the Boat Shed Markets and Lily and I going to the National ANZAC centre. Apparently the market was just like any other market so Vanessa and Campbell went to the Museum and had a look at the Brig Amity. The National ANZAC Centre was fantastic and was even able to keep Lily’s attention for 2 hours. It was a great display and the interactive pieces were superb. We were able to follow the story of a digger through their time in the war and the audio stories that accompanied it were excellent.


In the afternoon we headed to the modern historic whaling station to see the last whaling station to operate in Australia. We were able to talk to an engineer that worked on one of the ships and it was fascinating to hear the stories and see how it all happened on a commercial scale before whaling was banned. This station operated until 1978.


After the whaling station we stopped off to see The Gap and the Natural Bridge.


On our third day, I needed to get something checked out on the car, which meant we off the road for a day. So we just hung around and started to pack up the site. Ness took the kids for long scooter along the main beach at Albany. It was nice to have a sit around kind of day. Now that the car was sorted it was time to find somewhere to ride out the Easter break, so off we drove to Parry’s Beach near Denmark.

Parry’s Beach is a volunteer run council campground, which apparently gets very busy in on school holidays and long weekends, and you cannot book in advance. The drive to Parry’s was a bit of a race between us and Mac’s Tracks to see if we could a) get a site for the week and b) get a better site than the others. Even after taking a scenic drive to get there, we got there first, secured a campsite for the week and then found out we had a ripper of a spot. BigBlueYonder 1 – Mac’s Tracks 0. Mac’s Tracks did get a spot right next to us which wasn’t that bad of a spot either. Brett also managed to score us some free wood by clearing a few trees off an electric fence at a local property. The wood was great and we managed to get enough for the whole week. BigBlueYonder 1 – Mac’s Tracks 1. It was now time to sit back, relax and settle into the Easter period.

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