Week 10 – Easter break at Parry’s

The busy Easter long weekend saw us at Parry’s Beach, a very popular council run camping area. We could see why it was so popular; no big caravans were permitted, nice shady camping areas and best of all showers (solar heated) and flushing toilets! It was pretty well priced too. We had been warned to get in early before the Easter weekend, as it was first in first served. After a little kerfuffle with the camp host (this is never a great start!) we found our site and settled in.

There is so much to do in this area that every one of the eight days we stayed we were out and about. Firstly, it was Lily’s 8th Birthday and she wanted to go to the pub for a Chicken Parma, so after another one of Vanessa’s great camp kitchen cakes, this time a Harry Potter Unicorn cake, we headed into Demark to look around and get our bearings and do a few of the little tourist drive while it was wet weather. The Denmark Bakery was hit up for morning tea for some great pies and a decent coffee. Then it was cheese and wine time, The Scottsdale tourist drive to Denmark Farmhouse Cheeses is a must. We then trawled Denmark for a good-looking pub for lunch but we found ourselves at the Denmark Brewing Company enjoying some great food and drink, while the kids enjoyed the playground. We topped the day with an entirely not needed ice cream. Suffice to say no one ate dinner that night.


Day two saw us in the Walpole area, checking out the Valley of the Giants Treetop walk, buying beautiful Marron and hanging out with new friends at the Dinosaur and Reptile Park.


Day three was Good Friday and the weather was great so we headed off to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks for the day. IT WAS PACKED. We had to park a few hundred metres down the entrance road from the car park and walk in carrying all our snorkel gear and various other pieces of beach equipment. The day was splendid. We topped off good Friday with marron BBQ’d over an open fire. Vanessa made a salad but I am pretty sure no one ate it as the marron was SOOOOO good.


Day Four was Market Day in Denmark, which also meant washing day. Then relaxing around camp when we got back in the afternoon.

Day five was Easter Sunday, which commenced with a Easter egg hunt then a short drive to Boat Harbour, which turned into an impromptu sand driving lesson, we got most of the way in without having to let down our tyres. Then after getting through a sandy patch a little harder that it should be it was time to let the pressures down. We were rewarded with a beautiful little harbour and a good time watching the locals catch herring (Tommy Rough for those in the Eastern States). We then headed back to camp to prepare for the Easter Feaster. Roast lamb with death by Cheesy Potatoes and other vegies. This took up most of the arvo and a few drinks were had with the crew.


Day Six saw Mac’s Tracks depart for Augusta and we headed for West Cape Howe, the most southerly point of Western Australia. To say it was challenging was an understatement, with tyres down to 15psi and the rear locker engaged we managed to crawl bounce and bump through most of the deep soft sand and sand ridges. We did not get stuck, but we did help another family out. It baffles me that people will head out into remote or difficult areas with cars full of unrestrained kids, no recovery equipment and what appeared to be no food or drink. It took us and another vehicle digging and winching them out of their predicament with their Prado bogged to the sills, and they just stood around. Listening on the UHF it looks like they had a difficult time getting out and needed assistance from a few other vehicles to get out of the track. Apart from this it was a fun day out and got me some more experience in sand driving and recovering vehicles.


Day Seven was another corker of a day, so we headed back to Greens Pool to hopefully enjoy the area with a few less people around. It still had a lot of people but at least we could get a spot on the beach without sitting virtually on top of other people.


Day Eight was pack up day and we headed for Shannon National Park near Manjimup.

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