Week 28/29 – The Big Smoke – Darwin

Driving into Darwin I was conscious of how dirty our car and camper was. I made Craig drive through the carwash to wash the dust off the camper. Lucky too, it was filthy and we would have looked out of place at the caravan park. We hung out at the caravan park for a couple of days to relax at the pool and bar and of course do our mountains of washing.

A massive thank you to the Proos’s for their amazing hospitality, it was lovely to have the normality of a house and the unique experience of a toilet inside! We were able to spend some lovely time with all of them and their pet ‘Jett’.

IMG_4276 (1)
after a hard play in the sand…

Thanks to David and Nicole for a lovely Sunday Lunch, it was great for Craig to catch up with a schoolmate after nearly 15 years.


Also it was great to celebrate Mikayla’s birthday and catch up with the Constantines at a great party at the Splash Park.

Fun free water slide
Where’s Craig?

And a big thanks to our little mate Dwayne for babysitting Craig for three days whilst out fishing and also smoking the mud crab and fish for us to enjoy!

Loving the view
A big fish
another fish
yret another one

Our Darwin stay was all about visiting friends, fishing trips for Craig, playing with the kids and some sight seeing, namely the Jumping Crocodiles.

Air Show
Hungry croc
Old Man croc – 90 years old
nearly 5.4 mteres…
pretty scary creatures, but impressive
little lady croc jumping for her breakfast

We also took the opportunity to service the car and camper and we desperately needed new tyres…ours had seen better days.


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