Week 41 – Digging for treasures

As we drove towards the coast, we found a little place called Rubyvale. This place was said to be the spot to fossick for gems. So glad that we found this spot. The caravan park was awesome, there was a great friendly pub across the road and we pretty much spent the time finding bags of ‘wash’ and sorting the sapphires and zircon (not cubic zirconias!!!).

Mine tour
Underground life
Sorting a bag of wash

Firstly, what is a bag of ‘wash’? Well it is the lazy way to get raw dirt and rocks from a mine or digging that may contain gems. Many places sell them and you can buy a bag and sort through them. Lucky for us the caravan park had the facilities to clean the ‘wash’ and sieve them to find the bigger and the little stones of value. The kids were excited for the first bag, but by the sixth they had lost interest. Not Craig and I, we had a ball looking for these stones, possibly a little addicted to finding these treasures.

Picking through the ‘wash’ for treaures
Level ‘Expert’

The temperatures were still high but a pool and a pub with cold beer and great food was better than gold.

So we found these little beauties. The better ones we will send off to Thailand to get cut and then maybe I might get a bit of bling made out of them…

A few of the goodies!
Record Sapphire – Green 24.65 carats

As we drove out of Rubyvale we knew that there was one more hunt for treasures before we hit Rockhampton area. Thundereggs! These are prehistoric pockets of gas which have been hardened and filled, a little like a geode. We joked that they were fossilised dinosaur farts otherwise the kids were not really interested in looking for them. And to be honest I felt the same. We were given a little hammer and a plastic bag and told to dig around in a dirt pile. Didn’t really feel like ‘mining’ for these things and not sure if the ones we found were any good. However it did round off the treasure hunting week nicely.

Really hot and digging in the dirt
still digging
Whatare thundereggs?????








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