Week 42 and 43 – The coast

After our little gem of a week, we found ourselves in the big smoke again. While Rockhampton was the business centre of the area, we decided to stay out in Yeppoon. To treat ourselves a little and because of the heat, we stayed in a Big4 caravan park. Needless to say for the cost we used the camp kitchen, the playgrounds and pool/waterpark to the full.

Exploring this area was pretty interesting with national parks, playgrounds and beaches galore. Capricorn Caves was a favourite with the kids. Whilst the normal cave decorations, like stalagmites etc, was lacking due to the cave system being dry, there were other things to see and hear. First there were the bats. Thousands of tiny bent wing bats live in the caves and you can hear them moving and squeaking in one hue mass. Pity they also smelt. The elusive ghost bat also lived in the cave, but didn’t make an appearance. The highlight for me was the area called the ‘Cathedral’, a natural high ceiling opening where they had concerts and weddings. The acoustics were amazing and was demonstrated in the most amazing way with Jeff Buckley’s classic ‘hallelujah at full volume, which was haunting and amazing at the same time. The kids on the other hand loved the tiny, twisty exit to the tunnels

The impressive entrance to the Capricorn Caves

The impressive entrance to the Capricorn Caves

A tight squeeze
crawling through the twisty tunnels
Called the ‘Camel’…can you see it?
looking good Campbell

Byfield National Park was also on the agenda, particularly for the 4WDing. This is where we encountered the so-called ‘Big Sandy’, a rather large and very sandy hill. As we are now confident with sand driving we tackled the beast with ease. After a very blowy lunch on the headland at Stockyard Point, we could not resist the interestingly named ‘Death Valley Track’. I didn’t think it lived up to its name, as it felt more like a Sunday drive. Oh well, we had fun and it is a beautiful area.

Big Sandy
A little blowy but a great view
Best named track yet

Unfortunately the weather was a little against us in Yeppon/Rockhampton, there was just too much rain and windy weather to enjoy the beaches and the coastal delights. So we packed up again and headed for Agnes Waters and the town with the coolest name, 1770. We felt like staying in a National Park again and found a little gem at Eurimbula Creek Campground. It was remote enough not to have heaps of people and a fun drive into the camp yet close enough that we were able to explore the area.

First stop was, of course, the beach. Again, unfortunately it was not beach weather so the kids frolicked in the waves because they could (no crocs). Agnes Waters is a nice little seaside town and with the views and coastline it is no wonder the houses are large and fancy!! Walking up to the point at 1770 was beautiful and we saw heaps of people rock fishing. However, because we don’t surf and don’t brunch all-day and we struggled to find the right fishing spot, we found Agnes Waters and 1770 a little underwhelming. Luckily on our last night we were joined by Macs Tracks, which ended up being a great night.

Lovely swimming beach
A great view from the point

On our way out of Agnes Waters we found a fantastic paperbark boardwalk, which was stupidly photogenic. We spent a little time watching two backpacker couples posing and re-posing on the stepping-stones, amongst the trees and even in the car park. We had a good giggle and even tried to replicate some of the more complicated poses.

Beautful paperbark forest
Interesting stepping-stones
kids loving the walk
A well timed photo
Work it Craig!!

A funny end to our time here. Off to Maryborough to get in touch with our rodeo selves…


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