Week 44 to 46 – Birthday, Bundy and a rodeo

A fun drive from Agnes Waters through Deepwater National Park and the funny named Baffle Creek (we didn’t understand why to was called a creek…it was baffling) we arrived in Bundaberg. Given our previous bad luck with coastal camping and weather, we thought we’d chance it and stay out at Bargara. Not a bad spot to stay with a nice beachfront and walkways but most importantly a good base to explore the Bundy region.

Picture perfect
The kids found a giant turtle to play on

Now what do you think was the first port of call here in Bundaberg??? Yup, the rum factory. We also timed the visit well, with the Birthday Boy very excited about the visit. Of course, I am talking about Craig.

IMG_6202We did the museum visit with a tasting experience.

Loving the giant bottle (alot!)
Happy man
He found the Bundy Bear! So excited!

Craig loved it so much he asked if he could do the blending experience for his birthday. Well he had a ball (and a drink or two) and came away with his own individual blend and two bottles with his name printed on them.

Learning to be a Blend Master of Rum
Graduated and is now a Blend Master (Hic!) I’mmm awesome!

The rest of Bundaberg was visiting the Bundaberg Soft Drink Factory and exploring the area by car.

The main event for being in this area was attending the Maryborough Rodeo. This was one the finals of the National Rodeo Association so the riders and their horses were the best in the country. There was a great festival atmosphere with car show and shine, kids activities and even car barrel racing.

Show and shine – the vintage class
Campbell is a blue tiger (obviously)
Lily is an awesome blue shark!

However the main event was the riding of horses, steers, bulls and broncos. The event was also supporting Brest Cancer Awareness, hence the pink on the horses and the riders.

Pink as far as the eye can see. Was pretty cool.
DSC_5187 (1)
Barrel racing in full flight
These horses have such amazing agility
DSC_5300 (1)
Bucking Bronco
Steer riding. Picture was blurry as it was so fast.

This video was of the winning bull ride. Such skill from the rider as well as the bull!

It was a late night and the kids were great. Campbell did his usual…such a trooper!IMG_6258

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